Man we loved this trip - Motor City was a destination we both wanted to see since we were little. Both of us are gear heads, and so the history of motorsports and cars coming from this region was legendary, and traveling here was like going to Mecca. At the same time, the place has had a pretty rough life. It never recovered from the riots in the 1960's, then the mass exodus by the residents as one car plant after another shut down.

But lately there's been a renaissance, especially downtown, and cool small bars, breweries and restaurants have been popping up all over town. The new stadiums have been built, and the city is starting to come back alive. So we thought we needed to go find the oldest bars in the city and report on them for you. So here they are, the 5 oldest bars in Detroit, all vouched for by us!

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James and Yolie here, back in the USA after a week in the north of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  For this adventure we went via a Globus Travel bus tour along with 44 strangers (now friends), and we had an amazing time!  We had overnight stops in Dublin, Galway, Letterkenny, and Belfast plus loads of other interesting detours along the way.  Our tour guide, Kevin, and driver, Jurgen, took great care of us.  They maximized our tour time while what seemed like herding a bus load of cats, all the while educating and entertaining us along the way.  Our kids when they were younger would have called the tour funducational.


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James and Yolie back home after a whirlwind mid-west weekend. We landed at Indianapolis International Airport at eight-thirty Friday morning and by nine we were in our brand new Chevy Malibu rental.  Our first of two primary targets for the weekend was the Knickerbocker Saloon in Lafayette.  The Knickerbocker is the oldest bar in Indiana...or is it?  The Knickerbocker didn't open until 4:00 PM so we had some time to check out downtown Indianapolis.  We were immediately struck by the tens of thousands of fit looking people filling the streets.  We soon discovered it was The Beach Body Coach Summit convention that was in town, so we knew right away it was going to be a great day for sightseeing.  When we travel to larger cities we always take a city tour as soon as we can.  The tour gives us a chance to get our bearings, learn a little history and some fun facts, and most importantly we get leads on great bucket list bars from the tour guide.

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new england trip pics

James and Yolie here again after an eventful weekend in New England.  Our weekend's prime objective was hitting the three oldest bars in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.  Of course, in between we'll be venturing into more bars, diners, and dives.  After being shot down...oops, I meant landing in Manchester, NH, we headed into town for our first target.  Let's say it was a bit of a bumpy flight from Baltimore, thank goodness it was too short and too rough to pass out the bags of 12 mini pretzels or things might have gotten messy.  With empty stomachs we went searching for some grub since The Hancock Inn and Fox Tavern, the oldest bar in the state, didn't open until 4 PM.  Add a comment

James and Yolie here, back from our latest bucket list bar adventure.  This time Arizona was our destination.  We arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport early Friday morning where we were picked up by friends, Jamie and Yoly.  Yes, you read that right.  We'll try to keep things straight.  Jamie was our dedicated designated driver for the weekend while Yoly navigated us in their oversized pickup truck, which we nicknamed...the aircraft carrier.  After climbing in we headed for Tombstone, a picturesque 180 miles to the southeast.

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