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img 0836Bucket List BarsTM is the ultimate guide book to the most historic bars in the United States, written by Dr. Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree and published May 14th, 2013. In the book you travel with the authors to 40 saloon, pubs and dives in 12 cities and you learn the real history of America.

Each chapter provides a history of the bar, details about what it's like today, ideas about what to order, when to go and who to talk to. You also get QR codes that link you directly to the documentary we made of every place we visited. Check back frequently for order details!

Bucket List BarsTM was created to bring you the best bars in the world. These are the ones you need to put on your bucket list, the ones you need to see before you die.

The bars of Bucket List BarsTM are historic, they have character, they are worth travelling for. These bars are destinations, not side trips or distractions.

Many of the watering holes featured by Bucket List BarsTM have seen the United States and the world change before them. They have seen world leaders drink in their confines. They have served celebrities and writers, musicians and poets.

Bucket List BarsTM are a lot of different styles, from Tiki bars to saloons, pubs to dives, they range in size, class, décor and offerings.

They forge their own style and never apologize for who they are. Travel with us!

The Creators of Bucket List Bars


Fascinated by the history hidden in bars, Dr. Clint Lanier has travelled the world to find out of the way watering holes with great stories to tell. From the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta, to the cantinas of Mexico, he’s always on the lookout for the next saloon, tavern or dive that brings neighborhoods or whole cities together. When not on the road he is a College Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Growing up a military brat, Derek Hembree began traveling and exploring the world from a very young age. An ex-bartender and an adventurer at heart he is intrigued by historic bars, their stories, the art of mixology and sharing it all with the world. Aside from travelling and bars Derek is passionate about finding the perfect wave or the freshest powder. He lives and drinks in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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