We firmly believe that America’s historic bars are the best place to learn her history. Sure, you can go to a museum and see relics behind glass. Go to Mount Vernon and wander the hallways and view history from behind ropes. But if you want to really experience it, and especially if you want to experience the Revolutionary War on our Independence Day, go to one (or preferably all) of these historic watering holes.

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There’s no controversy about which bar in Baltimore, Maryland is the oldest – the honor belongs to The Horse You Came in On.

Founded as a saloon (under a different name) in 1795, this bar has been quenching the thirst of sailors, shipbuilders, and all other kinds of miscreants since its opening. When it was founded at what is now called Fells Point, the port of Baltimore was an important shipping center for the young United States. Cargo from throughout the world arrived and offloaded here, including African slaves during the height of the American slave trade.

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We’ve brewed before. Sure it turned out tasting like shit, but we did it. The beer was sweet, almost flat, and it smelled a bit funky. But it had alcohol and getting drunk on it wasn’t a problem. We may or may not have also tried our hands at distilling at one time. If we did the moonshine may or may not have turned out to be much less than smooth (and may or may not have also smelled funky now that we think about it).

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We thought we’d been to most of the oldest Tiki Bars in the country – in fact we wrote this article that we thought had the five oldest Tiki Bars (since updated) – but we were wrong. See we did our research via the internet and of course went to those we could (three of them as it turned out). In that article we penned the second oldest as the Tonga Hut in Hollywood, however since we almost literally tripped over what we believe is the second oldest Tiki Bar in the nation.

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Jingle Bells. You hear it everywhere during the Christmas season. Kids sing it, adults sing it, dogs even sing it. Turn on a radio station close to Christmas and there’s a good chance some famous and normally respectable pop singer is belting out the lines.

Yessir it’s Christmas because Jingle Bells is being played.

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