national daiquiri dayI can vividly remember my wife’s favorite drink when she was 21 years old. It was the frozen strawberry Daiquiri. She ordered it all the time. It was simple. The bartender poured some red syrupy goop into a blender, added rum and some ice, and then blended the whole thing together. Pour into a pint glass and serve. The fancy places, like maybe Applebees, garnished with a strawberry!

What a laughable drink. I couldn’t stand it at the time – it was sickly sweet and left my mouth coated with a thin film of sugar (or corn syrup or whatever it was).

I grew contemptuous of the Daiquiri and scoffed when people ordered it. But then I found out that it was one of Hemingway’s favorites. And Hemingway prided himself on being tough, being a “real” man. His other favorite after all, was the martini.

In other words there had to be more to this drink.

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GrandMarnierGrand Marnier®!!! Most anyone familiar with cocktails or bars probably recognizes the name in some way or another, similar to the way you may recognize a face you simply can't place.
But for most the knowledge stops there. 
So the questions have to be asked, especially on Grand Marnier® Day 2014, what exactly is Grand Marnier®? Where did it come from? And, most importantly, what can you do with it?

The History:

The story begins in 1880 France when Louis-Alexandre Marnier decided to blend cognac with a Caribbean orange known as "citrus bigaradia".  The experiment created a tasty orange flavored liqueur he initially dubbed Curacao Marnier. It wasn't until later that same year Louis shared it with Cesar Ritz, long time friend and hotel tycoon, who exclaimed "Grand Marnier®" that the name was born.
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Ahhhh......the 4th of July: the only American holiday that truly celebrates America! From barbecues, time on the lake, a camp out or simply a day off of work, there's something for each of us to enjoy this Independence Day.

Often times our enjoyment is enhanced through the indulgence of an alcoholic beverage--or ten--and an obscene amount of fireworks. This year to help enhance your 4th of July experience we want to suggest a new beverage of choice (unfortunately we can't help you in the fireworks department--liability concerns and the such). Specifically we'd like to turn you on to Rum Punch!

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July 10 is National Piña Colada day, so what can we say about it?

pina-colada-dayWell,what's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, “Do you like Piña Coladas?”

I’m hoping it’s not that stupid song from the 70’s, which, like the atom bomb, is one of those artifacts of mankind everybody wishes could be un-invented.

If it is, then I’m sorry for the ear-worm. If not, then bless you for your innocence. Now let me tell you the story of the fruitiest, sweetest and maybe most sublimely perfect, shittiest drink you’ll ever have, the Piña Colada.

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gin-and-tonicGin's journey through history is an interesting one. Gin was not created in England as most believe--though few drinks scream English or England more than the Gin and Tonic. It was created in Holland (dating as far back as the 13th century) as a medicinal to treat stomach issues, gout, gallstones and a long list of other ailments. It wasn't initially flavored with Juniper either, the flavor was added later to increase its medicinal qualities and to help with taste, it is believed other less desirable botanicals were used.

England got their hands on the spirit when they observed Dutch soldiers drinking it either during the 30 year war or during the Dutch War of Independence in the 1580s (depending on which story you choose to believe) at which time it was widely known as "Dutch Courage".  It was named as such because Dutch Soldiers consumed it to boost morale (and probably courage) before battle and/or to help warm themselves during cold damp periods. It didn't take long for English soldiers to get their hands on it and start bringing it back home where it was an instant hit.  Add a comment

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