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There was a day not so long ago (okay, maybe 100 years ago or so) when it wasn't taboo to give kids some beer. It was good for them, all nutritious and stuff.

Now, we're not into giving our kids beer (our wives keep a close eye on us), but it sure must have been a different time to yell, "Hey Bobby, go to the fridge and get me a beer, and while you're at it, get one for you too!"

"Gee, thanks dad!"


Anyway, here are a plethora of some down home, beer-drinking-kid nostalgia for you! Cheers!

little girl serving beer
woman drinking beer nursing baby
little girl beer advertisement

mommy and baby picked up with beer
IMG 0823
beer for the whole family
kid really happy to find some beer
kids loving ranier beer
aww little girl brings grandpa a beer
Only Pabst for grandpa and his granddaughter
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