New York City is one of the best bar cities in the world, hands down. And when it comes to historic bars, New York City has more than its fair share. In fact if you wanted to do a historic bar crawl, this may be the best city to do it in.

1. The oldest bar in New York City is Fraunces Tavern. Located at 54 Pearl Street in New York City, this place is both a bar/restaurant and a museum, both honoring the tradition of taverns in New York City.

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The tavern was originally opened in 1762 as the Queen's Head Tavern by Samuel Fraunces, a black tavern-keeper from the Carribean. It immediately became one of the most popular taverns in town, and was especially popular with area patriots. George Washington was one of its most famous patrons, and in fact he partied here on more than one occasion.

True, the tavern did take a few breaks between its days as a harbor for revolutionaries, but a fact is a fact: it is the oldest bar in the City of New York.

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This halloween, do something different. Go get a drink in a haunted bar. Where better to tie one on than somewhere you can also listen for strange noises. And even if you hear them, you'll always wonder if it was the booze or the spirits (meaning ghosts, not hooch).

For the past six months we've been filming historical bars around the United States, and in that time we've heard a lot of ghost stories in the places we've filmed. But, the following interviews are from those that we felt were particularly strong. If you're in the area, go by and drink enough to believe it yourself.

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