Historic Bars

The Warren Tavern is the oldest tavern in Massachusetts and one of the oldest in the entire United States. It was built on its current spot in 1780 as a replacement for a previous tavern that was burned down when the British torched Charlestown during the Revolutionary War.

The place is simply living history. It is about 4 blocks away from the famous Bunker Hill casino online battle field and monument and about 8 blocks from the resting USS Constitution.

Inside, visitors find a nice restaurant with a beautiful bar and an assortment of locals, regulars and tourists enjoying their drinks, probably just like George Washington or Paul Revere did over 200 years ago.

Be sure to try their clam chowder with a cold beer, and definitely pick up a bottle of their spicy, garlic mustard.

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Historic Bars

1310 Drury Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 735-5562

1024px-McGillins Olde Ale House

Food: Yes
Live Music: Yes
Hours: Monday—Sunday 11am-2am
Type of Bar: Pub
What to Drink: McGillin’s 1860 IPA
Why You Should Go: A bar since 1860, a staple of Philadelphia, plus the century-old gallery of signs and advertising from Philadelphia-area businesses.

Their motto--and we'll admit it's a good one--is that they opened their doors the year Lincoln was elected. If you're not sure of the date it's 1860.

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Historic Bars

138 South 2nd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 413-1443

city-bar city-sign

Food: Yes
Live Music: Yes
Hours: Monday—Thursday, Sunday 11:30am-9pm,
Friday—Saturday 11:30am-10pm
Type of Bar: Tavern
What to Drink: A Shrub, a Tavern Cooler or Ales of the
Why You Should Go: This tavern was the most important
place in the city of Philadelphia during the founding
of our nation.

The City Tavern in Philadelphia is the most authentic 18th century tavern you'll find in America. Built originally in 1770 the City Tavern played host to many (if not all) of the founding fathers at one time or another. George Washington met John Adams there, Ben Franklin was counted as a regular, and it was considered one of the most elegant places of its day.

Now the City Tavern hosts a restaurant owned and run by Chef Walter Staib, a James Beard Foundation Nominee who hosts a cooking show on PBS called A Taste of History.

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Historic Bars

This is the oldest bar in the nation. No ifs, ands or butts.

The White Horse Tavern was built in the 1652 as a home, but then turned into a tavern in 1673. Since then its been a meeting house for the Rhode Island legislature, seen patriots and revolutionaries pass through its doors, and even sheltered a pirate hiding out from the Brits.

Today the White Horse Tavern features fine dining and an elegant setting, but the bar is still there (two of them, one downstairs and one upstairs). They are still serving up the drinks just like they did 300 plus years ago.

If you go here the drink to try is a Darn and Stormy, the unofficial drink of Newport and the area. This place is a must see if you're a bar aficionado!

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Historic Bars

310 Spring Street
Goodsprings, NV 89019
(702) 874-9362

IMG 0006 IMG 0039

Food: Yes
Live Music: No
Hours: Monday—Sunday, 9am-12am
Type of Bar: Saloon
What to Drink: Shot and a beer
Why You Should Go: The real history of the area outside of Las Vegas, great bar with unusual gaming, and just to become a full-fl edged Asshole.

Built in 1913 for the thirsty miners of Goodsprings, Nevada, a trip to the Pioneer Saloon outside of Las Vegas is a trip back in time.

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