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538 E. 9th St.
Tucson, AZ, 85705
(520) 623-6811

buffet buffetbar3

Food: Yes
Live Music: 
Monday—Saturday 6am-2am, Sunday 11am-2am
Type of Bar: 
What to Drink: 
Maker’s Mark or Stoli on ice, Coors Banquet Beer
Why You Should Go: 
Oldest post-Prohibition dive in Tucson, friendly hospitality, drink specials.

The Buffet is one of the oldest bars in Tucson, Arizona. it was built to serve the workers of the nearby railroad depot in the Iron Horse district of Tucson.

It serves the most Coors Beer, Stoli vodka and Maker's Mark Whiskey than just about any other place in the US.

A true dive bar but beloved by locals and visitors alike. One of Esquire Magazine's top bars in the country.

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