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img 0375As the temperature drops, the leaves change color and rain turns to snow people in the Windy City turn their thoughts from ice cold beer to drinks of the warmer kind.  Irish coffee immediately comes to mind and who doesn't love this traditional favorite?  The physical warmth of the coffee, the kick of the caffeine and the lasting warmth of the Irish Whiskey make it an all time favorite and reliable go to drink for those colder days.  

The Irish Coffee has been, and always will be, a favorite of ours here at Bucket List Bars.  But if you live in Chicago, why not try something a little different?  Why not head over to Simon's Tavern, located just off of West Foster and North Clark, and give Glogg a try?

You are probably asking yourself what is Glogg and why should I try it.  Good question, and here is the answer.

Glogg is hugely popular in Nordic cultures, namely Swedish, and is a hot spiced wine usually served over the holidays.  Consisting of red wine, sugar, spices (including clover, ginger, cinnamon and orange,) sometimes mixed with vodka, aquavit, and/or brandy, and served with raisins, blanched almonds, and/or a ginger cookie it is a tasty treat during those colder months. No two family recipes are the same and every family's recipe is a closely guarded secret with Simon's recipe being no different (believe me we tried multiple times to get current owner Scott to reveal his recipe but to no avail.)

The Glogg at Simon's is outstanding with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves and a kick at the finish reminding us that it features a little more than just wine.

So why make the trek to try Simon's?  To enjoy the Glogg of course and to drink in one of Chicago's most historic bars.

img 0347Founded by a Swedish immigrant, Simon's is one of Chicago's oldest bars dating back to 1922 and the days of prohibition.  With ties to Al Capone and complete with original speakeasy and associated green door, viewable on the "nickel tour", it is worth a visit just about any time of year just to have a drink in such a historic and storied establishment.  The visit is particularly special during the winter when they feature their yearly hot Glogg which is usually available starting the week of Thanksgiving.

So next time your in Chicago, it is cold and you find yourself in the mood for a warm wintry drink why not head over to Simon's Tavern?  The atmosphere is historic, the company unique, the journey memorable and the Glogg something you will never forget.

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