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16145 New Mexico 28
La Mesa, NM 88044
(575) 233-3420

chopes bar 40oz

Food: Yes
Live Music: No
Hours: Monday—Sunday 2pm-10pm
Type of Bar: Dive
What to Drink: 40 ounce beer
Why You Should Go: Great history, excellent New Mexico food, wonderful people and atmosphere.

Have you ever run into one of those places beloved by all and hated by none? A place with only a good reputation and you can't seem to find anyone who'll say something negative about it?

That pretty much sums up Chope's Bar. Founded by the late Chope Benevidez, and started by his parents in the early 1900's, this beloved locals bar has been serving outrageously good food since its founding.

The bar itself is a dark and cluttered building, standing squat off of Highway 28 in the rural chile and pecan fields of southern, New Mexico. Its famous for its green chile rellenos and ice-cold 40 ounce beers.

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