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2376 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 455-9991

corner bikes taps

Food: Yes
Live Music: No
Hours: Monday—Saturday 11am-2am
Type of Bar: Pub
What to Order: A craft beer or classic cocktail
Why You Should Go: This classic bar is a mainstay for Denver natives and is a throwback to another time—when bars were quiet places you went to talk to friends and strangers.

My Brother's Bar in Denver, CO, is a vanishing breed. There are no TV's, no computers or wifi, and no digital cash registers. They play classical music and actually talk to you when you sit at the bar.

Drinks have been served at this location since the 1870's when Denver was still just a mining town. The current owner bought it with his brother in 1970 and restored it to its previous stature.

They're famous for their burgers, for NOT serving Coors or Budweiser, and for not having a sign on the street.

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