10 Historic Events that Happened in Bars

Some of the most historic or significant events in our country’s history took place in a bar. Hard to believe, I know, but just read on about all of the famous episodes that happened over a brew in a local watering hole.

10. George Washington Says Farewell to His Officers, Fraunces Tavern, New York City

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10 of the Most Beautiful Bars in America

While exploring the bars of America for our book, Bucket List Bars, we certainly saw our fair share of beautiful counters to belly up to. Though all of them are worth drinking at, some had a little extra something worth highlighting.

So below find 10 of the bars we especially enjoyed drinking at.

1. Buckhorn Exchange, Denver, CO, founded in 1893 by a colorful Western Adventurer, the Buckhorn was a saloon first and foremost, though now it's mostly restaurant. The beautiful oak bar was carved for the family of the founder (Henry Zeitz) and shipped from Germany in the mid-1800's. It was then shipped over land by ox-cart and finally installed here when the place opened.

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On the Trail of the Perfect Old Fashioned

old-fashionedBeginning mid-2011 and ending mid-2012 we took a pretty extensive road trip to find the oldest bars in the nation. During our journey we had a number of libations that stuck with us, that were noteworthy and worth recording, and that made us want to stumble back to the bar again and again.

But we also had a lot of pretty lousy drinks. It’s easy, we found, to screw up what would otherwise be a uncomplicated cocktail.

One in particular was the Old Fashioned. This otherwise unassuming and humble drink seems like it should be simple to whip up, but alas we found ourselves facing many a bartender that didn’t know how to mix three ingredients into one of America’s most distinguished drinks. Add a comment


The Oldest Bar in America

76house-1We’re always asked, “what is the oldest bar in America?”

Those that are into bars might remark that it’s one of a handful around the country, like the Bell in Hand in Boston, or Laffite’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans. Both are wrong: the building housing Lafitte’s is from 1761, but there’s no proof the bar has always been there, and the Bell in Hand opened in the 1800’s using the name of a bar from 1795.

The oldest bar in America is actually just north of New York City in the small town of Tappan, New York and it’s called the Old ’76 House (sometimes just ’76 House). Add a comment


Rum Punch: A Drink Fit For A Country's Birthday

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 Rum Punch: An Ancient Drink Fit For A Country's Birthday


With the 4th of July just around the corner many are already planning their backyard festivities--probably composed of something on the grill and a variety of alcohol. After all, what's more American than a burger and a Bud on the lawn, right? But (yawn) hasn't that been done before?


Instead of the old standby why don’t you make this year's party both memorable and traditional by creating a batch of one of the most American of drinks: rum punch. Add a comment


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