We’ve brewed before. Sure it turned out tasting like shit, but we did it. The beer was sweet, almost flat, and it smelled a bit funky. But it had alcohol and getting drunk on it wasn’t a problem. We may or may not have also tried our hands at distilling at one time. If we did the moonshine may or may not have turned out to be much less than smooth (and may or may not have also smelled funky now that we think about it).

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Jingle Bells. You hear it everywhere during the Christmas season. Kids sing it, adults sing it, dogs even sing it. Turn on a radio station close to Christmas and there’s a good chance some famous and normally respectable pop singer is belting out the lines.

Yessir it’s Christmas because Jingle Bells is being played.

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National Margarita day is upon us once again!! And while it may not be as celebrated as holidays like St. Patrick's day or even Valentines day, it is still a day to be celebrated.

So where exactly did this timeless classic come from? The truth is, no one really knows. The claims vary in both location and time....

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In March of this year CNN Money, using a fund manager named Rickesh Kishnani as a primary source for information, declared that the world is "running low on old single malt Scotch."

The declaration was picked up by news outlets around the world and within weeks it was gospel: there is an old single malt Scotch whisky shortage. Add a comment

Few historic bars in the United States have the pedigree of Seattle, Washington’s oldest bar, Merchant’s Café. While a lot of bars in the U.S. may be old, and many others have a pretty sordid past, it’s not always easy to find them in the same place.  So you can imagine how happy we were to find them both at Merchant’s.

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