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5 Great Bourbons for Father's Day

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Father's Day Gifts for the Bourbon Lover

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It's hard to find the perfect gift for Father's Day, but if you're looking for something for a dad that's a bourbon fan, we've got some great ideas for you. We've selected 10 gifts for the bourbon lover, and we think they'd be perfect for Father's Day.

Bootleg Kit

bootleg kit fathers day bourbon gift

This Bootleg Kit contains everything you'd need (except alcohol) to age your own whiskey. All your dad has to do is add some moonshine or vodka into the barrel, then add essence and shake. Wait 2 weeks and he'll have a one of a kind barrel-aged whiskey he can serve himself and his friends. Available from $89.95.


Bath and Body Works Bourbon Signature Collection 

bath and body works fathers day bourbon gift

The Bath and Body Works Bourbon Signature Collection has everything dad will need to keep his skin feeling fresh and young. The smell is of spice and oak, so he won't be reeking of alcohol, no worries. The collection includes body wash, body spray and body cream. Available here for from $28.30.


Bourbon Soap

duke cannon bourbon soap fathers day bourbon gift 

This Bourbon Soap actually contains Buffalo Trace Bourbon. It has a unique oak scent that will leave dad feeling fresh and clean. Available here from $10.52.$10.52. 


Whiskey Stone Gift Set

whiskey stones gift set fathers day bourbon gift

This Whiskey Stones Gift Set includes soapstone whiskey stones and a set of crystal whiskey glasses. The sopastone can be frozen and then added to a glass of bourbon to cool it down without diluting it with water like ice-cubes do. The crystal glasses and hand-made wooden gift box complete the set. Available here from $29.99.


Bacon Bourbon Candle

bacon bourbon candle fathers day bourbon gift 

With the Bacon Bourbon Candle dad's man cave will smell like a man's cave should, like two of the best things in the world. Available here from $14.95.


Bourbon T-Shirts

bourbon t shirt fathers day gift

Buy dad a cool t-shirt without ANY cartoon characters on it! He'll love the Kentucky Bourbon Home shirt, the Make Bourbon Dissapear shirt, or our favorite, the Beast of Bourbon.


Bourbon Books

bourbon books fathers day gifts

If dad needs to add a book his library, try one of these! The Bourbon Bartender has a number of great cocktails you can use bourbon in. If he wants to know more about bourbon, then Bourbon Curious is a great choice. American Whiskey, Bourbon & Rye will teach dad about all American whiskies (not just bourbon).


Hip Flask

american flag flask bourbon fathers day gift

A guy can never have enough hip flasks. We like the American Flag Flask, wrapped in leather and embossed with an American flag. Available here from $15.98.


Bullet Whiskey Glasses

american bullet glass bourbon fathers day gift

These Bullet Whiskey Glasses are about the coolest glasses we can think of. Made with an actual .308 bullet lodged in the glass, these are perfect for sipping bourbon from. Available from $34.99.


Bourbon Wall Art

bourbon wall art fathers day gift

Buy dad some artwork for his office or man cave. Our favorites are the Mark Twain Whiskey Quote, the Kentucky Bourbon Being Aged in Barrels, and this replica of a Kentucky Bourbon Co. Stock Certificate.

We hope you find some of these gifts perfect for your dad (or husband) on Father's Day. If he loves bourbon, we're sure he'll love these!




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