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front cover a 105 smallThat's right, our stupid bathroom book that explores the last 5,000 years of drinking is yours for free. Our way of saying thanks for being with us on this journey for so long, for hanging out with us on Twitter, and for watching our videos on YouTube. There will be much more to come soon!

About Drunken History

Did you know that the Egyptians who built the pyramids were paid not in gold or silver, but something much more valuable to them: beer? 

Did you know that Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, arguably one of our greatest and most noble thinkers, was a huge advocate of brewing, had his own brewery and was fond of collecting--and drinking--fine wines from around the world? 

Did you know that the consumption of hard alcohol actually increased during prohibition even though everyone thought it would naturally decrease? 

Drunken History staggers through mankind's sometimes blurry past to bring all of these stories to you through witty narratives and humorous episodes. 

You learn which president was at one time the nation's largest distiller of whiskey, the origin of many of your favorite drinks, from vodka to gin, how much the church had to do with making your beer and whiskey, and how asinine prohibition really turned out to be. 

Think of Drunken History as a shot of whiskey for your soul; a tonic to your spirit. It is 100 proof, triple distilled fun that will teach you everything you probably shouldn't know about booze, drinking and the drinking culture. Cheers!

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