July 10 is National Piña Colada day, so what can we say about it?

pina-colada-dayWell,what's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say, “Do you like Piña Coladas?”

I’m hoping it’s not that stupid song from the 70’s, which, like the atom bomb, is one of those artifacts of mankind everybody wishes could be un-invented.

If it is, then I’m sorry for the ear-worm. If not, then bless you for your innocence. Now let me tell you the story of the fruitiest, sweetest and maybe most sublimely perfect, shittiest drink you’ll ever have, the Piña Colada.

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MarthaWashingotnAhhhh......the 4th of July: the only American holiday that truly celebrates America! From barbecues, time on the lake, a camp out or simply a day off of work, there's something for each of us to enjoy this Independence Day.

Often times our enjoyment is enhanced through the indulgence of an alcoholic beverage--or ten--and an obscene amount of fireworks. This year to help enhance your 4th of July experience we want to suggest a new beverage of choice (unfortunately we can't help you in the fireworks department--liability concerns and the such). Specifically we'd like to turn you on to Rum Punch!

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apple drinkIt’s the early 20th century in Denver Colorado and Buffalo Bill Cody is not the man he used to be. He’s frequently sick, weak and just a shadow of the scout and frontier hero that’d been touring the world in the previous two decades with his famous circus.

His sister is in Denver, and he frequents the town whenever he can. He has a lot of friends in the area, including retired scout and Pony Express rider, Shorty Scout Zietz.

Zietz at the time is the proprietor of a saloon called the Buckhorn Exchange (which is still there), and Cody makes a stop there whenever he can. His health being what it is—meaning, it’s lousy—his doctors recommend he stop drinking. Add a comment

oldcrowgeigerWith the reopening of Las Vegas' legendary Atomic Liquors, a new cocktail menu has been created to commemorate the legendary bar, its guests and the notorious city. In honor of the eccentric Hunter S. Thompson (author of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas") Rose Signor has created the Henry S. Mash. A Lynchburg Lemonade style cocktail that can be, for the right price, made with 30 year old Old Crow found during the bars recent renovation. Below is the recipe for making this outstanding cocktail.

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When we were in New Orleans to do some research for our upcoming book arnauds(and to do a book signing of our current one for Tales of the Cocktail) we had the opportunity to hang out with Chris Hannah, barman at the French 75 Bar in the historic Arnaud’s restaurant.

We talked Sazerac, we talked rye, and then we talked about the drink he created that’s made such a commotion in the cocktail world: the Rebennack.

Chris told us he was going out for the day and wanted to mix up something he could carry around the city in a flask. After he came up with drink he needed to come up with a name. Add a comment

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