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The Margarita has an interesting history, mainly because nobody knows what it is. There are four common stories related to the award_winning_margarita6drink, all stemming from about the same period, and all save one coming from about the same region.

One story suggests that in 1941, Ensenada, Mexico bartender Don Carlos Orazco created the drink for Margarita Henkel, the daughter of a German Ambassador who lived nearby.

A second story insists that the drink was invented in a different Mexican bar around 1945 by bartender Carlos "Danny" Herrera for a dancing girl named, Marjorie King.

Still a third places the invention not in Mexico, but in nearby Galveston, Texas in 1948 where bartender Santos Cruz reportedly made the drink for singer, Peggy Lee.

However, the most likely origin is that the Margarita was merely the prohibition-era drink called the Daisy, that had tequila award_winning_margaritasubstituted for brandy. According to records, this drink was showing up in newspaper reports in Iowa (of all places) as early as 1936.

The Double Eagle de Mesilla in Mesilla, New Mexico has won numerous awards for its margaritas. With an extensive tequila menu and about 40 miles from the Mexican border, it's safe to say the bartenders at the Double Eagle are authorities on the Margarita. Here they mix up their famous, Award Winning Margarita for viewers. Try it yourself, and if you're in the area, have them make you one!

To Make the Award-Winning Margarita

Pour over ice:

1/2 oz lime juice
2 oz Repesado Tequila
1 oz Orange-Based Tequila Liquor
1/2 oz Sweet & Sour mix
Splash Gran Gala on top

Stir and garnish with orange.

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